7G Compliance Complete

Whether you own or manage one facility or a portfolio of more than five hundred facilities, maintaining environmental compliance can be a daunting challenge. 7G simplifies the process by offering tailored solutions to fit your company’s budget and support your existing compliance team.

Due Diligence

7G provides tailored levels of environmental pre-purchase investigation and assurance.  7G can provide a range of due diligence solutions from a limited onsite evaluation and documentary review to provide a snapshot of the environmental conditions at the prospect property to a full Phase 1 Environmental Assessment consistent with the ASTM E1527 industry standard.

Data Capture & Record Review

7G assists clients in transitioning record-keeping practices from the file cabinet to the digital server or cloud.  We come to you with all equipment necessary to capture required environmental records, organize the records according to client preferences, and evaluate any data or record gaps.  In a regulatory environment where “no record” equates to “it wasn’t done”, it is imperative to have an organized and readily accessible record management system.

Remote Monitoring & Alarm Management

7G can utilize your automatic tank gauges to remotely pull required reports for leak detection, active alarms and histories of events.   The solution checks for alarms and warnings every minute, and when alarm conditions exist, delivers this critical data to the right individual or team based upon client preference.  7G compliance analysts can alleviate the burden of managing any alarms based on our clients’ unique standard operating procedures.

Critical Date Tracking

7G Compliance Analysts track critical dates including permitting application and renewals, financial responsibility renewals, periodic testing, operator training, site assessment and remediation deadlines.  Depending on the solution chosen by our Clients, 7G can simply be a data clearinghouse, a failsafe reminder, or a proactive manager of all of the associated documentation, scheduling, and follow through.

Maintenance Cost Analysis

7G interacts with petroleum equipment maintenance companies in order to resolve compliance exceptions and equipment failures.  We understand how maintenance companies charge for the services they provide.  7G can act as a watchdog over your compliance costs as well as actively negotiate maintenance rates on your behalf.  In addition, 7G’s proprietary mobile inspection software collects critical information about equipment lifecycles that is vital to cost projections and also returns on investment.

Weekly and Monthly Exception Review

7G compliance analysts communicate regularly with our clients.  The compliance analysts review reports real time as they are completed and communicate all exceptions requiring attention within the same business day or the next morning if inspections are completed after normal business hours.  7G provides a weekly Snapshot report of our inspection findings via email to our clients every Friday.  During the last week of the month, our compliance analysts close the loop on any outstanding exceptions by reviewing our monthly RECAP with our client via phone or videoconference.

Maintenance Dispatch

7G has developed a proprietary dispatching software solution that enables a seamless ticket-creating and dispatch process for all maintenance needs at retail and commercial fueling sites.  The solution pulls priority associated responses directly from our mobile inspection application and assigns them to dashboards monitored and managed by our compliance analysts.  The solution also allows for manual creation of tickets so that our clients can call directly with issues they have identified.   All created tickets are tracked from “cradle to grave” according to our clients’ individualized standard operating procedures for maintenance dispatch.


Cloud-based Record Management

7G’s industry cloud-based record management solution allows for individualized log-in credentials with customizable access levels.  The system can be designed to give store managers access to only their store, to give regional B Operators access to their designated facilities, and environmental managers access to the entire client portfolio.  7G’s cloud solution allows for issue tracking, commenting, and task assignment to track progress to resolution and prevent outstanding issues from falling through the cracks.   Our cloud solution allows simplistic and controlled sharing of compliance records with regulators and eliminates the need for most onsite record-keeping.

Regulatory Interfacing

7G compliance analysts prepare regulatory inspection packets for our clients so that the state or federal inspection goes as smoothly as possible.  If regulators are willing to provide advanced notice to 7G or our clients, we can provide them with direct cloud access to the facility’s compliance files so that they can review all compliance records from their office or from the field via a smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

Corrective Action Coordination

Noncompliance happens, but it should not happen repeatedly or be prolonged by inaction.  7G Compliance Analysts are trained coordinate all necessary corrective actions resulting from noncompliance at a facility and to communicate to with the appropriate regulators upon the resolution of any issues identified.