What is the 7G PAVE Principle?

PAVE is a set of 7G guiding principles that allow our clients and future clients to minimize environmental risk exposure and contractually delegate compliance responsibilities. 

Managing environmental compliance can be time consuming and costly, with unpredictable and inconsistent results. Consequently, many businesses do not manage environmental compliance but react to noncompliance.

Like filling a pothole with sand, the problem may be solved for the moment.  An unpredictable event, use, or neglect over time will expose the pothole, causing costly damage at the most inopportune time.

Noncompliance causes disruption to day-to-day business, assessment of fines, litigation, denied insurance claims, and a negative evaluation from business partners, shareholders, customers, fuel suppliers, and corporate brands.

Don’t patch the problem of environmental compliance…PAVE it!


7G is owned and operated by experienced, accredited, and respected professionals experts in the industry.
  • CEO.  Jason A. Wiles  is experienced in developing systems to minimize environmental and legal risk and resolving regulatory and legal disputes.  Jason has spent the last 8 years working on both sides of the fence, as a regulator for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, as a private attorney representing business owners in the industry, and as an entrepreneur building his 3rd successful environmental consulting company.
  • Operations Manager.   Trey Lyncker has grown up in the petroleum industry with over 10 years of experience working with petroleum marketers in the Southeast to resolve maintenance issues at their facilities.  Trey’s experience is critical to thoroughly training 7G inspectors and dispatching maintenance, testing, and environmental firms to perform necessary maintenance and corrective actions.
  • Lead Environmental Inspector.  Brad Wentworth has spend the last 8 years inspecting regulated facilities and manage a national team of inspectors.  Brad’s valuable experience and commitment to the highest levels of safety are critical to the success of 7G.
  • Collaborators. 7G is fortunate to have established working relationships with regulators and other regulatory compliance experts and industry professionals who are an invaluable resource to 7G and its clients.  Whatever issues may arise, 7G has the knowledge, confidence and connections to solve them competently.


7G employs experienced staff and incorporates a strict training and certification process for our field inspectors.   7G gets into the trenches with clients by being jointly designated as the B Operator in certain circumstances and where allowed.  7G is insured to $3 million in comprehensive general liability, carries pollution liability coverage, and maintains $1 million in coverage for corporate fleet vehicles.  If that is not sufficient assurance, 7G incorporates an unparalleled 3-Phase Quality Assurance Program to consistently maintains best management practices.


7G’s flexibility and custom tailored solutions ensure affordability and suitability for any Client, large or small.  Our number one objective is to provide an invaluable service to our clients while providing a net financial gain over the lifecycle of the managed asset.   7G’s services level out the spikes of unpredictable regulatory and maintenance costs.  7G offers additional value by providing numerous added value services  conducted while our inspectors are onsite.  This efficiency offers a significant cost savings and streamlining of needed services.
7G is capable of offering pinpoint customizable services at competitive prices because of our internalization of Lean Start-Up principles, including “customer development.”  At 7G, we listen intensely and continuously to the needs of our clients and develop solutions nimbly and comprehensively in response thereto.   We realize that customer feedback and involvement on all elements of our business model, including product and service features and compatibility and pricing are imperative to our success and our clients’ ability to entrust us with a challenge as important and significant as environmental compliance. 


Environmental Compliance Management.

The success of PAVE depends on 7G’s ability to work with Clients to manage compliance comprehensively. Many companies offer monthly visual inspections, tracking software, record keeping, and regulatory representation. 7G incorporates all of these services into one solution from one company.