Fraudulent Fill-ups in Florida

Credit card skimmers are not the only heckle at the pumps these days.  Credit card fraud at the dispenser is a pervasive problem, but not a new problem.   What is new is that the culprits are no longer just filling up their own tanks on someone else’s dime.  Most recently culprits are using truck bladders and stolen cards to enter the retail fuel business.   These culprits are taking stolen gas down the road and selling it well below rack price to another station.   What’s even more sickening is that station owners are actually buying it.

Currently, a man in South Florida is being held on 8 counts of counterfeiting & the use of the bladder within the truck.  Hopefully the EMV change in credit cards providing a secure chip will eliminate the risk of having fraud at the pump.  Hopefully, the industry will join together to rid itself of station owners who buy stolen gas.

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