Onsite Added Value

Unlike our competitors, we can immediately respond to our clients’ requests while our inspectors are onsite. Whether it’s minor repairs or water removal, we are available to adjust our services to fit your needs. Our custom pricing allows for greater flexibility to ensure our clients can get all of the services they need and none of the extras they don’t. If you have a other onsite concerns that you would like for 7G manage, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Minor Maintenance

 7G was founded to provide our clients with a compliance-based solution that did not cross over into testing and maintenance.  The three can be misguidedly thrown into a “one-stop shop” service that that is rampant with conflicts of interest.  At the same time, 7G and our clients recognize that there can be a significant cost savings in having trained inspectors/technicians perform certain routine and minor maintenance to hanging hardware and filters while onsite.  See how 7G can lower your maintenance costs without compromising the integrity and focus of environmental compliance here.

Water/PCW Removal

7G provides removal and disposal of water and petroleum contact water in select service areas in the Southeast.  7G utilizes several solutions to minimize cost by the least intrusive means possible.   Contact 7G for a quote on removing water from your containment sumps, catch basins, and under-dispenser containment.

Mystery Shopper / Brand Protection

7G inspectors can double as secret shoppers to ensure that your facility will maximize its score with the major brand rep performs his quarterly inspection.  7G utilizes the actual checklists from the major brands as well as our clients’ customized brand protection inspection protocols.

Fuel Sampling

How do you protect your customers from damaging their vehicles with your product?  Put another way, how do you minimize the risk of loss and damage to your brand created by selling bad product to your customers?  The simplest and most cost effect way is to be proactive and regularly sample your fuel and clean your tanks.  7G inspectors carry the necessary sampling equipment to determine clarity and condition of the fuel.

Waste Management

Do you generate waste at your facility that must be tracked and be managed?  7G inspectors are trained to identify hazardous waste and can inspect the proper storage and documentation of the waste using the 7G Mobile Inspection App.  7G can also coordinate the transport and disposal of wastes generated at a facility.

Corrosion Correction

The addition of ethanol to gasoline has produced an unanticipated consequence of expedited corroding of metallic components in tank top submersible turbine and piping sumps.  There is much debate about the consequences of the corrosion.  7G is working with three national and international companies to develop a long term solution for our clients.  If you are concerned about this corrosion, call us today.