7G Periodic Compliance Field Inspections

We understand that regular inspections can be a hassle. But they shouldn’t be.
We provide nearly instant updates on priority issues and reporting. All of our reports are uploaded to our cloud datacenter within minutes of a completed inspection.

Arrival & Verification

7G inspectors present identification before commencing work.  Inspectors must obtain a client representative’s name and digital signature before completing the inspection and leaving the facility.

Mobile Inspection Application

7G has designed a proprietary mobile inspection application that forces 7G inspectors to provide a thorough and verifiable inspection while capturing invaluable compliance and maintenance data.

Inspection Workflow – RP900

7G’s inspection app worflow incorporates the PEI RP900 annual inspection question set recommended by EPA.  Alternatively, the RP900 monthly inspection form or a customized form can be used.

Timed Inspections

Each 7G inspection is timed.  The start and finish times of an inspection is presented on the inspection report through an automated process out of the control of the inspector.

Geolocated Inspections

Each inspection is geocoded at the point of inspection inception as well as completion in order to provide further accountability of our inspectors and assurance to our clients.

Photo Documentation

Photo documentation – All cited compliance and maintenance issues are evidenced with attached or linked high definition digital photographs.

Onsite Emergency Response & Notification

Every 7G inspector is trained and equipped to manage small releases and spills.   Inspectors communicate facility emergencies directly depending on our client’s standard operating procedures.

Near Real-Time Reporting

7G’s mobile app provides digital reports with all supporting photos and documentation to be electronically delivered to our client and the 7G cloud in minutes of completing an inspection.

Customizable Inspection Reports

7G’s mobile app gives our clients the ability to customize their inspection report template.  The app can create multiple reports from one inspection and can populate required state forms.

Customizable Report Delivery

7G’s mobile app routes reports to their 7G cloud folders.  Reports can also be delivered directly to client via email.  The app also enables onsite printing of the reports while at the facility.

Onsite Operator C Training

When 7G is designated as joint B Operator for a Client’s facility, our inspectors track new employees and provide Operator C training specific to the nuances of the facility while onsite.

Safety Assurance

7G inspectors maintain the highest level of safety during inspections.  7G inspectors are trained to work safely but swiftly to avoid any inconvenience to our clients’ customers.